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 Somatic Trauma Therapy 

 Psychedelic Integration Therapy 

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Psychedelic Ecosystem

 Consent Education 

 Trauma-Informed Care Education 

 Organizational Development 

 Community Organizing 


 Policy Work 



I am a white, queer, able-bodied, non-binary femme, with ancestral lineage rooted in Celtic Druidry. I humbly and continually strive to ground my practice in an anti-oppression/pro-liberation lens and work from the base of queer, feminist, and consent theories. My decade of work in the mental health field has taught me that trauma shows up in many forms and that we have an incredible innate capacity for healing. On my path, I have formed a deep awareness and respect of the fluidity of human experience and expression and the universal draw towards meaning and wholeness.

I am a lover of play and movement, being alone in the forest with the plant elders, and experiencing the mystery of humanness in connection with other beings. I strive to be in service with integrated mind, body, spirit, and community. 

Pronouns: they/she

I believe in the validity and goodness of all humans, their experiences and identities. I recognize that power inequity and systemic oppression are real forms of trauma. I strive to hold folks with privileged identities accountable to the work of dismantling oppressive patterns, and to support folks with marginalized identities in their work of healing. I recognize that this work is necessary on individual and collective levels, and that intersectionality is required to meet people in the mosaic of human identities. My approach is poly & kink affirming, sex-worker affirming, and gender identity affirming.

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