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I offer consultation with organizations, individuals, & collectives in how to integrate trauma-informed, relationally-oriented accountability practices into community norms and policy. 

This work seeks to offer a route to accountability and repair that is centered on healing, maintaining connection when possible, and dismantling internalizations of the punitive justice system.

Trauma-informed organizational practices

I provide consultation for organizations seeking to create a container that is rooted in trauma-informed, consent-based practices and policies. 

I work from the assumption that every collective space has its own nervous system - that which is a reflection of the health of the individual nervous systems in it. From this place, I apply the tenants of trauma-informed, consent-based care in clinical practice to recommendations for creating safe enough space within the organizational system. 

psychedelic policy

I offer consultation for psychedelic policy development at the state and federal level around issues of ethics, accountability, equity, standards of care, standards of training, and public education, & community organizing.  

I currently serve on the Psilocybin Workgroup through the Washington State Health Care Authority, funded through the State Legislature to assess viability and provide recommendations for a bill that would provide legal, equitable access to psilocybin services in Washington State.

I work off of a sliding scale for all consultation work. My scale is $150-$400/hr, with limited availability for pro-bono work. The pro bono slots and lower end of the scale is reserved for non-profit grass-roots organizations and the higher end of the scale is applied to for-profit corporate organizations. Most organizations fall somewhere in the middle. I ask that, prior to our first meeting, you please reflect on what is financially viable for your organization and what is representative of the value of the work you are seeking in our collaboration. 
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